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Paintings storage in appropriate conditions


To save the value of the painting for many years, it is necessary to storage it in appropriate conditions.


The condition of the painting is an important criterion that influences the price of the painting. Art works are a long-term investment and heirs, children or grandchildren can get its change; therefore, it is necessary to take care of pictures storage conditions at home from its purchase until the beginning of the heritage.

However, when some people who want to sell their picture after many years, they conceit when they know that the value of the picture is decreased because of dried and cracked layer of the painting, there are some cracks, the colours of the painting are faded. The most often causes of these defects are storage the picture in too high environment temperature when its surface is affected by direct sun beams or they are stored above the heater. It is necessary to consider these defects before purchasing a picture at markets with antique goods, because there are pictures brought from foreign countries, were stored wrongly and have a worse quality. The expenses to restore such picture are huge, sometimes even bigger than purchasing price.


To save your art collection, inherited or newly purchased art works, and the inheritance of our or other countries culture, it is necessary to storage the pictures in appropriate conditions:


Illumination: no direct sunbeams, only unnatural lightening.

Lamps: ultraviolet, 70 luxes, 300-600 lumens.

Environment air humidity: 50-55%

Environment temperature: 18-20 Cº


Do not store the pictures and other art works in lofts, cellars, stores or garages, because dusts, humidity and other adverse and mechanical factors affect the surface of paints. In such case, if there is no place to storage the painting at home or it is packed to be stored for a long time in inappropriate conditions – we suggest you to offer it for someone to purchase as quickly as possible.


Art auction “Arkadija” suggests the possibility to sell the pictures at the auction for the highest offered price.